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Platform Tabs

Dashboard: platform tab that serves as the hub for all of a social account’s top level UGC metrics

Content: platform tab that contains all of the social account Stories, mentions, and tags

Programs: platform tab that contains all of the reward/ambassador programs associated with the social account

Social CRM: platform that contains all of the customers that have ever mentioned/tagged the social account

Dashboard Terminology

More on your dashboard here.

Posts: the number of posts tagging your social account (filterable by caption mention, tags, Story mentions, TikToks etc.)

Impressions: the number of eyes that posts mentioning your brand have reached. This is a close approximation driven by machine learning techniques that incorporate time of day, engagement (likes + comments), actual Instagram data, and follower count.

Engagement Rate: the ratio of likes/comments to the number of followers of the accounts mentioning your social handle

Earned Media Value (EMV): the amount of money a brand would need to pay an influencer to produce the same content. Defaulted at a $30 CPM. In other words Impressions x CPM/1,000

CPM (Cost per thousand): The amount of marketing dollars required to reach 1,000 individuals

Top Customers: List of creators that generate the most impressions for your brand

Top Hashtags: List of hashtags most found in the posts mentioning your brand


More on your content tab here.

Labels: platform feature enabling users to organize all of their content and reference/modify curations later. More on labels here.

Filters: stackable features enabling you to search the content tab effortlessly. More on filters here.

Recent First Posts: preset filter enabling one to look at content coming from new customers and creators.

Post Type: form of content created for a post (feed, story, or reels).

Mention Type: form of brand mention on a post (caption, tag, or Story mention). More on mention types here.

Media Type: form of medium (photo, video, or carousel). More on media types here.

Save Search: ability to save your frequently used filter combinations, such that they can be used later.


More on your program dashboard here.

Revenue Dashboard: Where to find your programs total income brought in from your affiliate or storefront program, total commission payouts, ROAS, and your program social attribution breakdown. For more information on your revenue dashboard, click here.

UGC Dashboard: Where to find your programs overall UGC metrics, including total posts, engagement rate, impressions, and EMV. For more information on your UGC dashboard, click here.

Embed Script: piece of code that links the sign-up button from the landing page to LoudCrowd. More on embed scripts and signup modals here.

Members: All of your program members can be found here.

Program Activity: Manage or create your program monthly rewards here.

Feed: history of every reward that has been sent to program members. More on rewards here.

Applicants: list of all applications to the ambassador program. More on applicants here.

Social CRM

More on your Social CRM here.

Segments: groups of social handles of particular interest. More on segments here.

Exclude Filter: ability to exclude certain segments of customers, messages, or labels from your filtering.

Specialty Filters:

10 posts + Inactive 30 days: customers who have created 10 posts about the brand but nothing in the last 30 days

First Post - Last 7 days: customers who have created their first post about the brand in the last seven days

Superfan + High Engagement: brand lovers who have created 10+ posts and have an engagement rate 10%+

Customer Profile: detailed view of the customer including their referred orders and revenue, their post history about the brand, and their metrics. More on customer profiles here.

Actions: once a creator is selected, the actions drop down allows the creator(s) to be added to a segment manually. Or, you can export their data to a .csv file.

Send Gift: permits manual send of a program reward / communication. More on sending gifts here.

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