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Platform Tabs

Dashboard: platform tab that serves as the hub for all of a social account’s top level UGC metrics

Content: platform tab that contains all of the social account Stories, mentions, and tags

Programs: platform tab that contains all of the reward/ambassador programs associated with the social account

Social CRM: platform that contains all of the customers that have ever mentioned/tagged the social account

Dashboard Terminology

More on your dashboard here.

Posts: the number of posts tagging your social account (filterable by caption mention, tags, Story mentions, TikToks etc.)

Impressions: the number of eyes that posts mentioning your brand have reached. This is a close approximation driven by machine learning techniques that incorporate time of day, engagement (likes + comments), actual Instagram data, and follower count.

Engagement Rate: the ratio of likes/comments to the number of followers of the accounts mentioning your social handle

Earned Media Value (EMV): the amount of money a brand would need to pay an influencer to produce the same content. Defaulted at a $30 CPM. In other words Impressions x CPM/1,000

CPM (Cost per thousand): The amount of marketing dollars required to reach 1,000 individuals

Top Customers: List of creators that generate the most impressions for your brand

Top Hashtags: List of hashtags most found in the posts mentioning your brand


More on your content tab here.

Labels: platform feature enabling users to organize all of their content and reference/modify curations later. More on labels here.

Filters: stackable features enabling you to search the content tab effortlessly. More on filters here.

Recent First Posts: preset filter enabling one to look at content coming from new customers

Post Type: form of content created for a post (feed, story, or reels).

Mention Type: form of brand mention on a post (caption, tag, or Story mention). More on mention types here.

Media Type: form of medium (photo, video, or carousel). More on media types here.

Save Search: ability to save your frequently used filter combinations, such that they can be used later

Program Dashboard:

More on your program dashboard here.

All Customer Program: a rewards program that incentivizes anyone to create content for the brand

Exclusive Program: a rewards program that incentivizes select groups of people to create content for the brand

Storefronts Program: a program that incentivizes creators to turn social content into social sales, by giving your creators the power to sell your products on their personalized page on your site

Embed Script: piece of code that links the sign-up button from the landing page to LoudCrowd. More details on your embed script here.

Rewards Activity: history of every communication that has been sent to program members. More on rewards here.

Applicants: list of all applications to the ambassador program. More on applicants here.

Social CRM

More on your Social CRM here.

Segments: groups of social handles of particular interest. More on segments here.

Exclude Filter: ability to exclude certain Segments of customers from your filtering

Specialty Filters:

10 posts + Inactive 30 days: customers who have created 10 posts about the brand but nothing in the last 30 days

First Post - Last 7 days: customers who have created their first post about the brand in the last seven days

Superfan + High Engagement: brand lovers who have created 10+ posts and have an engagement rate 10%+

Customer Profile: detailed view of the customer, their post history about the brand, and their metrics. More on customer profiles here.

Activity: details customer engagement with the brand including tags, rewards, and program sign ups

Actions: allows customer to be added to a segment or a program manually

Send Gift: permits manual send of a program reward / communication. More on sending gifts here.

Details: permits record keeping of custom fields (program connected or not)

Contact your dedicated client strategist to have custom fields / details added

Notes: permits more customized record keeping for customers. More on notes here.

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