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How to organize your UGC content
How to organize your UGC content

Ready to start looking through your UGC content? Here are the most common questions associated with your content.

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Sorting through tons of UGC content can feel overwhelming, but look no further! In LoudCrowd, we can help you stay organized so you never miss an amazing piece of UGC.

Can I filter the content by metrics?

Yes! Towards the top left, click +Add Filter and you can select the filters you’d like to filter by. Below are the filters you can choose from.

Can I sort the content based on metrics?

Yes! On the far right, you can sort your content by Post Date, Impressions, or Engagement Rate.

What’s the best way to organize my content?

Adding labels! You can add labels to every piece of content by clicking on the image, click on the +Add button next to Labels, then select or create the label you’d like to use. Some example labels you can use are Permission Granted, Repost to Story, a hashtag used in the photo, or specific products used in the photo.

Where can I easily find a customer's first post?

Navigate to the ‘Instagram Posts’ drop down button, and select Recent First Posts. That filter will show you their first post in the last 7 days.

Can I search for hashtags or keywords in the content tab?

Yes! In the content tab, click the +Add Filter button, then select Hashtag List. Type in your hashtag(s) in the search bar and apply your search.

How do I ensure my program members are posting quality content while earning rewards?

Include best practices on your program landing page and as a stand alone email – a welcome email nurture and/or a stand alone reminder email. Below is an example of best practices...

Can I download content directly in LoudCrowd, or do I need to screenshot the image?

No more taking screenshots! Click on the image you like, click on the purple button in the top right corner, then the image will be downloaded.

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