Using Labels in LoudCrowd

How to curate galleries to quickly repost UGC & track content in a program.

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What are Labels?

Labels are LoudCrowd’s Content Organization Tool.

Where can I find Labels?

See a list of labels in your settings, use labels as a filter on the content and Social CRM tabs, or view labels on individual posts.

You’ll be able to create and manage labels in “Settings” > “Labels,” but you’ll primarily use labels in the “Content” tab.

How do I create a Label?

From Settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings and select “Labels”

  2. Click Add Label to create a new Label

  3. Delete labels by selecting “Delete” next to the Label name

From Single Post:

  1. Identify the post you’d like to label

  2. Click the +Add button next to Labels

  3. Select the Label or create a new one by typing out your new label and click the + next to your new label

From Multiple Posts

  1. Click “Select” under the Filters box to choose multiple posts

  2. Select “+ Label”

  3. Type in the name you’d like to use, and select “Add”

How do I use a Label?

Labels can be used as a filter on the Content and social CRM tab as a way to narrow down posts or customers whose posts have been identified with a label.


  • Repost / Feature: Label photos that you’d like to repost to your IG Story or Feed, or repurpose for other marketing collateral.

    • Example Labels: “Fan Friday UGC Roundup”, “Feed-worthy,” “Add to Newsletter”

  • Specific Products: Label photos that feature a specific product or product line

    • Example Labels: “Mascara”, “Leggings”, “Spring/Summer Collection”

  • Seasonality: Label photos that align with your seasonal marketing initiatives

    • Example Labels: “Football Season,” “4th of July,” “Snow”

  • Marketing Campaigns/Initiatives: Label photos that mention one of your programs

    • Example Labels: “New Color Drop,” “Spring Ambassador Challenge,” “#hashtags”


Can I delete Labels?

Yes, you can manage labels under “Settings > Labels”.

Are labels only visible to me or the entire account?

Everyone on your team will have access to the labels created in your account.

Is there a limit to how many labels I can create?

Nope! You’re able to organize your UGC however you’d like with unlimited labels.

Still, need help getting set up?

Reach out to [email protected] and our Customer Success team will be happy to assist you!

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