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How-to Navigate the Program Members Dashboard
How-to Navigate the Program Members Dashboard

Where to monitor your program participants before they join your program.

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Where can I find the Program Members tab?

In the Program Tab, click on the View Program button. On the top banner, click on the member's tab.

What is the Program Members tab?

The Program Members tab lets you approve or reject Ambassadors into your Ambassador Program. You can see your applicant's username, sign-up date, post count, followers, engagement rate, and impressions.

How do I approve or deny an applicant?

Hover your mouse over the applicant's impressions number, then an Action button will appear. Click on the down arrow, then you are able to approve or deny the applicant.


  • Filter the applicants by username

  • Sort the applicants by sign-up date, post count, follower count, engagement rate, impression rate


Can I filter the applicants?

Yes, you can filter by username. Click the + Add Filter button, then select Username.

Can I accept or deny multiple applicants at once?

Yes! Click on the Select All # button. Then, click on the Actions button that appears, and click on approve or deny.

If I reject an applicant, where does the applicant go?

The applicant will stay in the feed as rejected in the event that they qualify later on, you can switch their status to approved.

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