Did you know that not all forms of media perform the same on Instagram? You can leverage the LoudCrowd platform to compare your Media and Mention Types to see which forms of content perform the best! This will help you encourage your community to publish the best forms of content for your brand.

How do I filter my content by different Media and Mention Types?

Navigate to your Content tab and Add Filter -> Post Info -> Mention or Media Type

Media Types

On Instagram, the three media types are Image, Video, or Carousel.

Aside from just filtering your Content tab by the three Media Types, there are other indicators you can use to identify a type.

In-Feed Posts vs. In-Feed Video vs. Carousel

Carousels can be a mixture of Images and Videos. Carousels are actually better for engagement than traditional in-feed posts and videos. In some cases, it’s up to 10x more!

Click into your Carousel to view all of its content. Use the arrows in the bottom left corner of your content pop-up to sift through the Images/Videos.

Mention Types

On Instagram, the three types of mentions that LoudCrowd records are Tags, Caption Mentions, and Stories.

Tags indicate posts where your social account’s handle is tagged in the photo.

Caption Mentions indicate posts in which your social account’s handle is mentioned in the caption. This is especially important as Instagram does not notify you of these mention types.

Stories are Instagram’s hottest form of casual posting for individuals. Unfortunately, due to Facebook’s regulations, these images will disappear from the platform once they expire. You’ll still be able to see the data for expired Stories!

Stories can take two forms, Video and Image.

Story Image vs. Story Video

Did you know that you can watch Stories directly from the LoudCrowd platform?

Just click the play button!

Happy Viewing :)

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