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How to get the most out of your Social CRM
How to get the most out of your Social CRM

Learn to how to leverage your Social CRM to manage and nurture your customer relationships.

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Why use Social CRM filters?

The Social CRM tab contains valuable customer data for EVERY customer that has tagged your brand on Instagram and/or TikTok since starting with LoudCrowd!

Capturing important metrics or stats from their social media profile, the sheer volume of customer data is both exciting and overwhelming – Which is why LoudCrowd created customer filters.

From the Social CRM tab, you can search customers by their bio data, how many times and when they've posted, and so much more! Want to target customers with a certain number of followers or engagement rate? There's filters for that too!

Where can I find filters?

Navigate to ‘Social CRM’ in the lefthand menu; the filter feature is at the top of the page and has a drop down menu where you can slice and dice your entire audience. Use these filters to search by bio data, follower count, post count, and more!

What are best practices?

There are multiple ways to use the customers tab to support your high level UGC goals!

We suggest focusing in on the customer groups below for best results:

  • Targeting via information in a customer's Bio

  • First time posters

  • Top customers not already in a program

  • Specific customer posts from the last 6 months

  • Customer who stopped tagging in the last month (or more)

What are the current filters?

There are tons of Social CRM filters! Below is a brief description for each.

Post Date

Posts/Customers who have posted within a specific time frame. Use the pre-set date ranges or select your own.


Customers who belong to a segment (i.e. ambassador, holiday campaign)


Select one of your Programs to see all of your program members.


Search for challenge participants through this filter + selecting which challenge you're looking for.


Search for Auto Story Replies or Manual Story Replies that have gone out to creators.


Search by exact username or if any usernames contain a word.


Search for a creators email address (if we have it on file).


Filter by words and key phrases in a customer's Instagram Bio! Great for searching by location or specific interests.


Search by customer notes you've added before. Have you added notes to some of your top customers' profiles? Search those here!

Customer Info Filters:

Follower Count

Number of followers for any given social media account, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Engagement Rate

Instagram engagement rate (ER) is defined by user interaction with your post. To calculate ER, Instagram reviews an account’s number of followers, likes, comments, and shares. The most common equation for engagement rate is [account likes and comments divided by follower count].


Simply put, impressions are the total number of views on a single post. Facebook (and Instagram) define impressions as the total number of unique accounts that view your post or story.

Activity Filters:

Member Since Date

The time in which a creator join a program.

Post Count

Generally, post count is the total number of viewable (or archived) posts. For your LoudCrowd account, ‘post count’ is the number of posts where your brand has been tagged.

First Post Date

Customers who have posted for the first time within a specific time frame; use the pre-set date rangers or select your own

Inactive Since

Filter by a date when customers have stopped posting. This is a great way to target and engage with customers who have "churned" (tagging less).

Last Reward Date

Date when a customer was last sent a reward through LoudCrowd!


Filter by customers that have received a specific reward (i.e. Tier 1 Gold Achieved).

Post Info Filters:

Mention Type

  • Tag: actual tag on the Instagram Photo/Video in feed

  • Caption Mention: mention of the brand in the caption of the Instagram photo

  • Story: Instagram Story tag

Media Type

  • Tag: actual tag on the Instagram Photo/Video in feed

  • Caption Mention: mention of the brand in the caption of the Instagram photo

  • Story: Instagram Story tag

Post Type

  • Feed

  • Story

  • Reels


Labels allow you to assign a specific product or product line. Example Labels: “Mascara”, “Ambassador”, “Spring/Summer Collection”.

Custom Field Data

  • Search for data you collect at program application (ex. birthday)

Post Status

  • Approved or rejected status of post; mainly for posts belonging to a specific campaign.

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