What are Segments?

Segments are LoudCrowd’s Customer Organization tool.

Where can I find Segments?

You can see a list of Segments in your Settings, Use Segments as a filter on the Content or Customer tabs, or view Segments on Individual Customers.

How do I create Segments?

From Settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings and select “Segments”

  2. Click Add Segment to create a new Segment

  3. Delete Segments by selecting “Delete” next to the Segment name

From Single Customer:

  1. Identify the post you’d like to segment

  2. Click Add segment

  3. Type in the name you’d like to use, and select “Add”

From Multiple Customers:

  1. Select the customers you would like to add

  2. Go to Actions, select “+ Segment”

  3. Type in the name of the segment you’d like to use, and select “Add”

How do I use Segments?

Segments can be used as a filter on the Content and Customers tabs as a way to narrow down members or posts by members of a specific Segment.


Can I delete Segments?

Yes, you can manage Segments under “Settings > Segments”

Are Segments only visible to me or the entire account?

Everyone on your team will have access to the segments created in your account.

Is there a limit to how many segments I can create?

Nope! You’re able to organize your UGC however you’d like with unlimited segments.

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