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Story Replies allows you to DM your customers directly from LoudCrowd. There are several ways you can incorporate this into your engagement strategy. In this article, we'll review some creative ways to send social rewards using Story Replies.

Automated Story Reply Rewards

Looking to save time and scale your rewards strategy? Automate your story replies using our automations builder. You'll be able to set up a message template that will be sent to customers once they tag you in their story. Using smart filters, you can customize who receives certain messages.

Long Time Fan Reward

Set up a reward that will go out to customers that tag you in 3 or more stories, as these are your biggest fans! Send them a "Thank you" for their continued loyalty.

Surprise & Delight Rewards for Program Members

Give your customers an extra boost for tagging you in their stories. Implement a "Surprise & Delight Week" each month and turn on your Story Reply to only be sent to program members.

High Value Customer Rewards

If a high profile creator like a celebrity or influencer tags you in their story unexpectedly, you definitely want to get some product in there hands stat! Filter your response to be sent to anyone with 50K+ followers and offer a sweet reward to initiate a potential partnership.

Direct Story Reply Rewards

Want to add a bit more personalization to your message, or review the content before you send a reward? No problem! You can send a custom DM to anyone with a live story using our Manual Story Replies tool.

Viral Content Reward

Filter the content tab to view active stories by Impressions. Select the stories with the top impressions, and send them a quick DM celebrating their successful reach.

Giveaway / Challenge Winner

Easily select and reward giveaway or challenge winners. Select the live story you'd like to reward, and shoot the winner a DM letting them know how to claim their winnings.

Testimonial / Review Reward

Customers love to take to their Stories to give testimonials about their experience with your brand, or leave product reviews. When reviewing active stories, make sure you reward that type of content with a personalized message.

The possibilities for Story Reply rewards are endless! Reach out to your Client Strategist or [email protected] to activate yours today!

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