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How to Create Best-in-Class Community Management with Auto Story Replies
How to Create Best-in-Class Community Management with Auto Story Replies

LoudCrowd works when you're not – make sure all of your customers and fans are getting replies, even over nights and weekends.

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LoudCrowd now enables brands to instantly DM any customer who tags a brand in their story. Whether you're a part of a large social engagement team or function as a one-person-show, utilizing this product can help you optimize your brand's community management and program recruitment strategy.

Connect with more of your customers

Every brand wants to make their customers feel seen, and that typically means responding to every story your brand is tagged in. With Auto Story Replies, you can make sure every customer, including non-program members and private accounts, is appreciated for showing love to your brand!

When it comes to best-in-class community management, we know that personalization is everything. Create as many story replies as you need, and customize the message templates and filters to scale your engagement efforts.

All of the authenticity and none of the tedious iterations.

Reward customers immediately in their preferred channel

Social gifting is essential to a best-in-class community management strategy. Using Auto Story Replies, show customers some extra love by including a discount code in your story replies!

Incorporating this feature into your Program helps you meet customers where they're at and shorten the length of of time it takes for a customer to receive a reward after featuring your brand in a story. Use filters to tailor the messages to fit the needs of your program by:

  • Skipping customers who have already received an auto-reply within a time frame to avoid spamming or double-rewarding.

  • Setting a sending limit for messages with rewards (discount availability / budget).

Recruit customers for your LoudCrowd programs to drive even more UGC

New customers tag your brand in stories every single day, and it's essential to make a good first impression to keep them in your UGC feedback loop. Auto Story Replies allows you scale your outreach efforts around the clock to make sure you don't miss an opportunity to invite a new customer to your LoudCrowd program.

You can enable different replies to be sent based on customer criteria, such as:

  • Follower count

  • Bio keywords

  • Segment

  • Saved Filter

  • Program

Use the Activity tab to see your Auto Story Reply data and measure the performance of effectiveness of your messages.

Creating best-in-class community management is no easy task, and this product is meant to help automate your routine Instagram messaging tasks so you can spend less time on routine tasks, and more time on big-picture thinking.

Talk to your dedicated LoudCrowd Client Strategist to see how you can get started with Auto Story Replies!

New to LoudCrowd? Send us a note here to learn more about the platform!

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