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Get ready for your next report with LoudCrowd
Get ready for your next report with LoudCrowd

Start pulling your UGC now for your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.

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When it comes time for your next report, utilize LoudCrowd's reporting template below to track key program performance metrics and overall UGC data.

How to find EMV:

Tip: Filter out for Post Type in the Dashboard to see just Stories, Feed posts, or Reels.

How to find Active Program Members

Tip: Decide what an active member means to you! The above is based on the member posting at least one time as a program member, but that number can be adjusted.

How to find total # of Program posts

Tip: Break down your program posts by Post Type in the main Dashboard! To do so, click the Customers dropdown -> select your program and Apply -> Click the Posts dropdown -> select your desired post type.

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