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What is the LoudCrowd Dashboard?

The dashboard is the quickest way to view UGC Analytics and understand trends in your UGC data.

Where can I find the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is the first screen you’ll see when you log in. You can navigate to the Dashboard at any time through the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side of the screen.

How do I use the Dashboard?

You can use the Dashboard to identify trends in overall UGC posts, Impressions, Earned Media Value, or you can use the filters to gather UGC insights on specific groups or within a particular date range.

  • Filter by Program: View metrics for your program members by selecting one or multiple programs.

  • Filter By Customer Segment: View metrics for specific segments by selecting one or multiple segments.

  • Filter by Post Type: View metrics of posts of a specific IG Post Type (Feed, Story, Reels) *Note: Story is both a mention type and post type as there is only one way to tag in a story post.

  • Filter by Mention Type: View metrics of posts based on mention type (Tag, Caption, Story) *Note: Story is both a mention type and post type as there is only one way to tag in a story post.

  • Filter by Date Range: Select the purple date button on the upper right-hand side of the graph to select a specific date range

  • View by Metric: To change the metric you’re viewing on the graph, select the tab of the metric you’d like to view to switch views.


  • View approved Reels from Ambassadors to repost to your own feed.

  • See how segments of customers are performing over time.

  • Identify how groups of customers are performing within your program.

  • View how many Stories ambassadors posted for a specific month.


How do you determine the percent change of each metric?

The percentage change of the metrics is determined by the date range.

What is the difference between a post type and a mention type?

Post type is referring the the type of Instagram call you were tagged in (i.e. Story, Feed, Reels). Mention type is referring to how you were mentioned in the post, either a tag or a caption. Note - Stories are classified as both a mention type and post type as there is only one way to tag in a story. When filtering or looking at story only posts, you can use either the Post Type or Mention Type Filter.

Can I export the Dashboard Data?

You can export data from the Social CRM tab, which powers the dashboard insights.

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