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LoudCrowd 101: Start Using LoudCrowd Today
LoudCrowd 101: Start Using LoudCrowd Today
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You’ve signed with LoudCrowd! Now what? Here are five easy-to-get values from LoudCrowd Today!

  1. Organize and download content

  2. Discovery

  3. Spot gifting

  4. Set up an auto story reply to customers

  5. Segment uploader (do you already have influencers or ambassadors you work with? We can upload them for you!)

1. Organize and Download Content:

Every piece of content that your brand has ever been tagged in lives on the platform. LoudCrowd has made it very simple to navigate UGC with filters.

What are LoudCrowd Filters?

Filters are the best way to narrow down your search on the LoudCrowd platform based on specific parameters. The current LoudCrowd Filters are as follows:

Content Tab

  • Post Date

  • Caption

  • Hashtag List

  • Label

  • Programs

  • Challenges

  • Messages

    • Template Name

    • Message Date

    • Message Keywords

    • Sending Method

  • Customer Info

    • Follower Count

    • Post Count

    • Segments

  • Post Info

    • Mention Type

    • Media Type

    • Post Type

    • Post Status

    • Engagement Rate

    • Impressions

  • Post Status

    • Program Status

    • Challenge Status

We highly recommend trying out all the filters, however some of our favorites on the content tab is the caption filter. Have a specific product you want to see? The caption filter catches keywords and phrases that will show up when you filter for caption.

Now you can create a label (see article) to organize specific content!

2. Discovery

The Social CRM tab is where every customer that has ever tagged you lives. The Social CRM is a great place to filter through your customers and conduct internal discovery for your ambassador program. (See article on How to Find Creators Within LoudCrowd)

How do I use Filters?

  • Navigate to the Social CRM Tab

  • Select “Add Filter” and customize your search

  • Select “Exclude” if you would like to omit posts/customers from a specific label or segment

  • “Reset” the search to clear out any filters

A fan favorite filter to use is the Bio filter. This filter allows you to search for Instagram username biography keywords (i.e. location, occupation, etc.)

3. Spot Gifting

What is Gifting?

LoudCrowd Gifting is the easiest way to reward your customers for creating amazing UGC.

Where can I Gift Customers?

You can gift customers on their User Profile through the Social CRM tab or content tab.

How do I create a Reward?

You are able to upload a list of online coupons to the LoudCrowd system that will be sent to customers via Gifting. Contact your LoudCrowd Client Strategist for more information on Reward setup.

How do I use Gifting?

  • Single Customer

  1. Select the customer your would like to reward and visit their Customer Profile

  2. Click “Send Gift” at the top right of the page

  3. Choose the reward you’d like to send and the sending method (DM or Email)

  • Multiple Customers

  1. Navigate to the Programs tab and select the Program you’d like to gift customers from

  2. Go to the “Members” section, apply any filters to identify members to gift

  3. Select members by clicking “Select all” or checking specific users

  4. Click “Actions,” then “Send Rewards”

  5. Choose the reward you’d like to send and the sending method (DM or Email)

4. Set Up an Auto Story Reply

Story Replies allows you to DM your customers directly from LoudCrowd. There are several ways you can incorporate this into your engagement strategy. One use case can be teasing out your ambassador program that is coming soon.

If you are doing an all customer program, click anyone can receive this message if they mentioned @brand in 1 Instagram story.

Manual Story Reply

You can also manually message active stories as well. Engage with your customers and let them know you appreciate their content.

5. Segment Uploader

We have the ability to upload any current customer, influencers, partners, retailers or any segments to the platform so you're able to conduct quick analysis. Get in contact with your client strategist and provide the usernames and emails you would like added to the platform.

What are Segments?

Segments are an amazing way to measure performance, your top performers, and to create targeted outreach.

How do I use Segments?

Segments can be used as a filter on the Content and Social CRM tab as a way to narrow down members or posts by members of a specific Segment.

Where can I find Segments?

You can see a list of Segments in your Settings, Use Segments as a filter on the Content tab, Social CRM tab, or view Segments on Individual Customers.

Still, need help getting set up?

Reach out to [email protected] and our Customer Success team will be happy to assist you!

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