How to Find Creators with LoudCrowd

While deciding who you want to invite to join your social rewards program, it’s important to target your high value customers.

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Who are Potential Ambassadors?

Potential Ambassadors are your high-value and loyal customers who have tagged your brand on Instagram multiple times. Read more for suggested benchmarks on which of your customers qualify as potential ambassadors.

How can I find Potential Ambassadors in LoudCrowd?

You can find them one of two ways:

1) Navigate to the Social CRM tab

  • Click +Add Filter

  • You can now apply multiple filters to find your high-quality customers

  • Example filters you should apply:

    • Click on the All Customers drop-down arrow → Select First Post: Last 7 Days. This will show you all of your customers who have tagged you for the very first time in the last 7 days

    • Activity → Post Count → 5 or more

    • Customer Info → Follower Count → 1k - 15k

    • Post Date → Last 3 Months

    • Post Info → Post Type → Feed + Reels

2) Navigate to the Content tab

  • Click +Add Filter

  • You can now apply multiple filters to find your high-quality customers posts

  • Example filters you should apply:

    • Post Info → Post Type → Feed, Reels, or Story

    • Post Info → Impressions → 1k - 10k

    • Post Date → Last 30 Days

    • Hashtag List → #YourBrand

Once I find Potential Ambassadors, what do I do?

Add them to a Potential Ambassador segment! To do so, click on their username to open up their user profile. Click +Add to Segment button, and select Potential Ambassador.

Once you have your complete list of Potential Ambassadors in a segment, it’s time to strategize your communication plan. You can send them a DM on behalf of your brand inviting them to join your Ambassador Program.


What if I have other segments within LoudCrowd, and want to filter out those customers while looking for potential ambassadors?

  • In the Social CRM tab, click Exclude → +Add Filter → Segment → Select your segment (ex. Influencers). Once you apply that filter, that segment will be excluded from your search results.

I want to do specific targeting within my customer base. What filters can I use to find results?

  • Use our Biography search filter! In the Social CRM tab, click +Add Filter → Biography. Now you can search for specific keywords that may appear in your customers' Instagram bios. Some examples of keywords you may use while targeting your customers include their occupation, location, college or university, etc.

I want my Potential Ambassadors to have posted about a specific product or campaign we ran. How can I find those customers?

  • Navigate to our Content tab. Once you’re there, you can search for captions that include your specific product. Click +Add Filter → Caption → Search for your product. Or, you can use the caption search bar in the top left corner.

  • You can also search for specific hashtags that you used for a campaign. To do so, +Add Filter → Hashtag List → Search for your hashtag.

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