Custom Fields live in a customer's profile and are designed to provide extra details about an account that you may find important. Custom Fields can be set up easily by your dedicated client strategist, or [email protected]. Once set up, it's simple for you to reference and update. Moreover, custom fields can be connected to your LoudCrowd ambassador program, therefore being an easy source of valuable data on your social communities.

How do I set up Custom Fields?

  1. Decide what Custom Fields are important to you. By default, LoudCrowd has preset custom fields for email, phone number, TikTok/Instagram handle, and address. Other Custom Fields that may be of interest to you:

    1. Occupation

    2. University

    3. Membership Number

    4. Age / Birthday

    5. Favorite Product

    6. T-Shirt Size

    7. Discord / Twitter / Other handle

    8. Gender

    9. Interests

    However, you can really include any question!

  2. Contact your dedicated client strategist or [email protected] with your list of Custom Fields. You'll be notified once the new custom fields have been attached to your account.

  3. Start populating your customer data. Contact your dedicated client strategist or [email protected] if you need assistance uploading customer data in bulk from a spreadsheet.

  4. Determine whether you want to add the Custom Field to your LoudCrowd ambassador program sign up modal (like below). The data will then start automatically populating for new program sign ups.

How do I edit customer details via Custom Fields?

  1. Just use the Edit button in the customer details section of their profile.

  2. A popup box should appear, allowing you to fill in or update the data.

  3. If you need data updated in bulk, like from a spreadsheet, contact your dedicated client strategist or [email protected] for help.

What other things can I do with Custom Fields?

  • Include Custom Fields in your Program / Social CRM exports. For example, say you had a custom field for region in the US and wanted to compare your UGC metrics across focus and non-focus metrics. More on exporting your data here.

  • Filter your Social CRM / Program dashboard by Custom Fields (like any other filter).

  • Send surprise and delight rewards based on Custom Fields. Just filter, select all, and send gift! More on social gifting here.

  • Bulk add people to a segment based on their Custom Fields. Just filter, select all, and add to segment. More on segments here.

  • If your ambassador program is application based, Custom Fields may be crucial to deciding who gets accepted or not.

All in all, ditch your messy spreadsheet and keep customer details, metrics, content, and notes all in one place! On top of that, easily send gifts, add to segments, and download content from the same customer profile page.

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