How to Organize UGC with Filters

Stay on top of all of your UGC with our easy to use filters

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What are LoudCrowd Filters?

Filters are the best way to narrow down your search on the LoudCrowd platform based on specific parameters. The current LoudCrowd Filters are as follows:

  • Post Date: Posts that have been posted within a specific time frame. Use the pre-set date ranges or select your own. `

  • Caption: Posts that include a keyword or phrase

  • Label: Posts or customers that have been classified with a specific label. See Labels guide.

  • Program: Posts who belong to a Customer Program (i.e. Ambassador, Loyalty, or Rewards program)

  • Customer Info:

    • Follower Count: Number of Instagram Followers

    • Post Count: Number of Posts that tag your brand

    • Segment: Posts/Users that belong to a Segment. See Segment guide.

  • Post Info:

    • Mention Type:

      • Tag: Actual tag on the Instagram Photo/Video in the feed

      • Caption Mention: Mention the brand in the caption of the Instagram photo

      • Story: Instagram Story Tag

    • Post Type:

      • Feed

      • Story

      • Reels

    • Media Type:

      • Image

      • Video

      • Carousel

    • Post Status: Approved or Rejected status of a post. Mainly for posts belonging to a specific Program

  • Engagement Rate: Total number of interactions with a post

  • Impressions: Total number of views of a post

Where can I find Filters?

You can apply these filters on the Content Tab to find a particular image or video.

How do I use Filters?

  1. Navigate to the Content Tab

  2. Select “Add Filter” and customize your search

  3. Select “Exclude” if you would like to exclude posts/customers from a specific label or segment

  4. “Reset” the search to clear out any filters


Content Filters:

  • Most engaging videos over the past 6 months

  • Approved Ambassador posts

  • Posts that mention one of my products


Can I use filters to exclude posts?

Currently, you can exclude posts that have been classified with a specific label or segment.

How many filters can I use in a search?

You can use as many filters as you’d like to get optimal results!

Can I save these search results to view at a later date?

Now that you have your specific posts group based on your search criteria, you can either save your search or organize your results using Labels or Segments.

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