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How to navigate Program Settings
How to navigate Program Settings

Your home base for onboarding a new program or updating necessary information for established programs.

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Your Program Settings is where you can set up all the necessary information you need for your ambassador storefront and/or affiliate program. Whether you're onboarding your program for the first time, or have an established program, you can always refer to your Program Settings for all of your base settings, discount settings, affiliate commission settings, and shoppable ambassador settings.

Base Settings (for all programs)

  • Start Date - When your Program was created.

  • Currency Code - The currency for your Program.

  • Requires Member Approval checkbox - this determines if your program requires approval into the program. If you do not want to approve applicants into your program, do not select this box.

  • Requires Content Verification checkbox - this determines if your content will need to be reviewed, in order for it to appear on the ambassador storefront or earn rewards. Do not select this if you do not want UGC to undergo a review process (LoudCrowd's recommendation).

  • Signup Form URL - A signup form is a shareable page format. Prospective members can easily fill out via email, DM, social post, etc.

  • Landing Page URL - A page on your eCommerce site to collect program signups and centralize program information (ex. rules, perks, FAQs, etc)

  • Connected Shopify Store - Select your Shopify store to connect LoudCrowd. If you do not see your Shopify store, refer to this article here to get started.

Discount Settings

Program members can give their followers a discount when they purchase from your store. You can select from:

  • +Add Code Discount - select this button if you'd like your program members to have personalized affiliate codes (ex. use code GREG at checkout).

  • +Add Link Discount - select this button if you'd like your program members to have an affiliate link, with an automated discount taken at checkout.

Affiliate Commissions Settings

  • Tremendous Integration - Integrate your Tremendous account with LoudCrowd in order to payout commissions. If you need to integrate your Tremendous account, click here.

  • Tremendous Campaign - Once you create your payment email in Tremendous, tie that campaign to LoudCrowd by selecting the name of your campaign in your drop down. If you need help creating a campaign, reach out to your dedicated Client Strategist.

  • Commissions Percentage - the percent you'd like to offer in commission payments.

  • Wait Time to Mark Orders as Approved for Commissions (Days) - Set a wait time between 0 and 60 days between order date and approving it for commissions. Wait time helps prevent paying commissions on fraudulent, cancelled, or returned orders.

  • Automate Commissions - Toggle this button on if you'd like to automate your commission payments. Important note: if you have insufficient funds in Tremendous, we cannot pay your program members. The commissions will automate once you add funds to your account.

  • Commissions Period - Monthly pay periods. Commissions on all orders that were approved during this period will be paid out on the selected payout day.

  • Payout Day - The commissions will be paid on the first of every month.

Shoppable Ambassador Settings

  • Filter Ambassador UGC Block to only approved posts checkbox - Check this box if you would like the shoppable ambassador pages to only show UGC content that has been approved by the brand.

  • Show products that are out of stock checkbox - Check this box if you would like out of stock products to still appear on the shoppable ambassador pages.

  • Attribution Days - The attribution window is the period of time in which an affiliate can claim a click or impression engagement they generated. Our default will be 30 days.

  • Attribution Type - You can choose from First or Last click. Based on your selection, all sales will be attributed accordingly.

  • Ambassador Template URL - The URL the shoppable ambasasdor storefronts will be generated using. For example, Reach out to your dedicated Client Strategist to get this set up.

  • Hero Block Custom Fields - Select the information you'd like to display on all shoppable ambassador pages after collecting the data at signup. The data will appear under the About Me section on the pages. For example, if you want to display City for each Ambassador, toggle on the City field.

  • Product Picker Collections - Select the collections you'd like your program members to choose products from to showcase on their shoppable ambassador pages. The products within each collection will appear as options for the ambassador's to select from.

Important: Make sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page anytime you make changes in the Program Settings.

Still need help? Reach out to [email protected] for further assistance.

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