How to Integrate Shopify

Connect your Shopify to measure the value of your programs

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Our Shopify integration makes it possible to see the impact of your program and easily measure ROI. Follow the steps below to authenticate today.

Step 1: Navigate to Integrations

If you do not see "Integrations" on your left nav, contact your Client Strategist to upgrade your user permissions

Step 2: Select "Add Integration" under E-Commerce

This link will take you to our App listing on the Shopify App store. Follow the steps to connect your account.

Step 3: View metrics in Program Dashboard

After you've completed the integration, navigate to the Program Dashboard to view the Program Revenue Attribution widget.


Where can I see Shopify Data in the Platform?

Shopify data is only available for live LoudCrowd programs. You'll be able to view your Program Revenue Attribution and Customer LTV from the Program Dashboard. If you're not seeing these widgets appear on your Program Dashboard, contact your Client Strategist or email [email protected] for troubleshooting assistance.

Can I connect multiple Shopify Stores?

Yes, you can connect multiple stores. We know several of our brands operate across multiple regions, so we've made it possible for you to connect all of your stores. The data you see in your program will match the store currency. For example, if you have a UK and US store, you will see UK data in your UK program, and US data in your US program.

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