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How to Setup Tremendous Rewards (i.e., Cash Payments, Commissions, Gift Cards, and more)
How to Setup Tremendous Rewards (i.e., Cash Payments, Commissions, Gift Cards, and more)

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Diversify your reward offerings through our partnership with Tremendous. Tremendous allows you to send cash payments (Venmo, ACH, bank transfer, etc.) and/or gift cards (Target, Whole Foods, Instacart, etc.) from over 1,000 retail vendors in over 200 countries listed in their full catalogue. You can even use Tremendous to send philanthropic donations to customers or influencers as rewards for their top-tier UGC. This guide will walk you through how to set up your Tremendous rewards in the native app as well as in LoudCrowd.

Set up your tremendous account

Ready to send Tremendous rewards to your fans? Get in touch with your Client Strategist to support in creating and integrating your account, or email [email protected] .They will create your Tremendous account and complete the LoudCrowd integration.

Configure Funding Source

A funding source is a pool of funds Tremendous draws from when sending out payments, gift cards, or donations. There are 3 options for creating a funding source. We recommend Bank Account or Credit Card for instantaneous delivery.

  • Credit card - There is a 3% fee associated. Funds will be added instantly and you can set up rewards right away.

  • Bank account -The amount you specify will be made available the next day.

  • Send an invoice to your finance team - No fee associated. Funds will be added once Tremendous receives payment.

To set up the funding source, you can click "Add Funds" from the home screen, or navigate to Billing > Account Balance. Depending on which source you choose, you'll be prompted to complete the source setup. We do recommend turning on low balance notifications to not interrupt reward fulfillment.

Create a Campaign

Campaigns are a group of rewards that are available to customers. When your customers receive the reward, they'll be able to select from any of the options you made available in the campaign. You can choose just one reward option, or you can add a variety. This allows you the flexibility to offer your customers multiple ways to redeem their reward based on their personal preferences.

When you create rewards in LoudCrowd, you can tie more than one LoudCrowd Reward to the same Tremendous Campaign (aka collection of reward options). Think of the LoudCrowd Reward as an “order” of the set of reward options on the Campaign. For example, you can create a Campaign that includes 5 types of gift cards, and then create LoudCrowd rewards for $25, $50 and $100.

Each reward option has a specific currency. Tremendous will automatically convert currency for you into your customer’s currency. When you create a reward in LoudCrowd you will be able to set a specific value and currency. Note that when sending internationally, only the reward options that are available in your customer’s region (based on their IP address) will be displayed to them.

To create a new campaign, go to Campaign Templates > Create. The preview button allows you to see what your customer will experience when they go to redeem their reward.

Customize Tremendous SMS/Email

When you create a Campaign, you can customize the email and SMS messages that will go out to your customers when they receive their reward (similar to email template setup in your ESP).

The Campaign template controls both email and SMS setup. When you create a reward in LoudCrowd, you’ll have to specify which delivery method – email OR SMS. Note that the “email title” field controls the SMS message text.

Note: As previously mentioned, you can have multiple rewards tied to one campaign. However if you intend to use custom messaging, you will want to set up unique campaigns for rewards. For example, if you wanted the same reward to go to someone in your micro-influencer program and your all customer program, theoretically you could use the same campaign, however you may want to call out some specifics of either program in your messages. If you have different messages, you'll want to set up unique campaigns.

Create LoudCrowd Reward

Once you've got your campaign all set, you'll create the reward in LoudCrowd. Navigate to "Settings" > "Rewards" and create a new reward with the delivery method set as "Tremendous." Below is a quick explanation of each of the fields:

  • Funding Source ID – this should automatically display for you from your integration. If it’s not displayed, contact your Client Strategist or [email protected] to request it.

  • Delivery Method – Enter Email or SMS. Since SMS is not a required field for some programs, we would recommend choosing email for the highest delivery percentage. We are working on a way to do either

  • Value – Enter an amount. Refer to the Tremendous catalog to ensure that the amount you enter is compatible with the reward options that you have on your Campaign.

  • Currency – Enter the currency (ex USD) to deliver the reward. You can list all your rewards in your local (or your funding source) currency, and Tremendous will do the conversion into the customer’s currency based on their IP location. Alternatively, you can set up different rewards in different currencies based on your customer regions.

If this reward is associated with a program, reach out to your Client Strategist or email [email protected] and they'll assist with getting the reward connected to your program.

Still need help? Reach out to [email protected] for further assistance.

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