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How to Set up and Run a Challenge
How to Set up and Run a Challenge
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Ready to launch your first challenge? Here is a step by step guide to setting up your first challenge! Don't forget to read through our Challenges Best Practices!

Step 1: Navigate to the challenges tab in the platform

Step 2: Select "Create New Challenge"

Step 3: Name Your Challenge

Step 4: Create a Unique Hashtag or Caption Search

  • The Hashtag should be specific to brand challenges, not an existing program hashtag.

  • If you are running multiple challenges at once, create a unique hashtag for each challenge.

  • Use flexible caption phrasing or single keywords instead of a hashtag

    • Best practice is to not use a hashtag and a caption search, but rather choose one.

Step 5: Select Dates for the Challenge to Run

  • Challenges will automatically start on the start date selected.

  • Note: You can not edit a challenge once it is live, so be sure you have double checked all the criteria!

Step 6: Add the Reward/Rewards and Determine Earning Criteria

  • You can add multiple rewards for a challenge if desired!

  • How Can Someone Earn the Reward?

    • Automatically by Participation: Select this option if you want participants to be rewarded based upon challenge criteria set-up.

    • I want to hand-pick my winners: Select this option if you want them to meet the above criteria plus more. For example, you want them to post 2 In-Feed Posts and 2 Reels.

    • Automatically by meeting specific criteria: Select this option if you would like to hand select your winners at the end of the challenge. Maybe you want to see who generated the highest EMV for their post, or who had the highest number of impressions.

Step 7: Draft your Brief

  • Easily communicate with your dedicated Client Strategist to let them know how you will be sending out your brief.

  • Drop any notes about content into the Draft your Brief section.

  • Select how you will be sending out your brief.

Reward Participants!

There are several ways that you can reward your challenge participants!

Option 1: To pick your winner, In the Social CRM tab, you can reward an individual who has participated in a challenge. Click the rainbow button "pick winner" in the top right hand corner.

Option 2: Navigate to the programs tab, select members, and then filter by the challenge. You can then choose your winner using the "Pick Winner" button, and send a reward for the challenge!

Option 3: Navigate to the content tab. Filter by the challenge. Select the post you wish to reward. Click the rainbow trophy to send reward

Congrats on setting up your first challenge! Want to see successful challenges in action? Click here


What do I need to run a challenge?

  • Decide how members can participate.

  • Write out your brief & reminders (SMS and Email).

  • Decide on a Rewards and how to earn them.

What types of Rewards Should I Offer?

  • Challenges are a fun way to engage customers on social media platforms, so offering a different reward is a nice change of pace for program members!

  • LoudCrowd's partnership with Tremendous gives you the opportunity to reward your customers that participate in content challenges with cash payments, prepaid cards, or gift cards from 700+ vendors.

  • Create unique incentives for customer participation and engagement!

If you have additional questions, reach out to your dedicated LoudCrowd Client Strategist for support!

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