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Run better Giveaways and Content Challenges with Tremendous
Run better Giveaways and Content Challenges with Tremendous
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With LoudCrowd's Tremendous partnership, you can reward your customers who win giveaways or content challenges with cash payments, prepaid cards, or gift cards from 700+ vendors.

Challenges – Create better incentives for your content challenges and streamline your rewarding process:

There's no doubt that cash is still king these days. With Tremendous, you can incentivize your ambassadors beyond discounts and site credits to create content by offering cash rewards (paid through Venmo or PayPal) to ambassadors who take the cake in your content challenges.

Not too keen on sending out cash or hoping to build a better relationship with a certain vendor? Tremendous can send gift cards from over 700 vendors (including Target, Walmart, Ulta, and Sephora) so you can tell your customer that their next round of products is "on us!"

Giveaways – Run better giveaways with your followers:

Giveaways can have huge returns for brands when it comes to engagement, new followers, and overall brand awareness. It's usually very easy for customers to enter social giveaways (comment, follow, and re-share), so shouldn't it be just as easy to reward the winners? With a Tremendous integration, you can send gift cards or cash to your winners with just a click of a button.

Want to level up your giveaways even more? Turn on Auto-Story Replies to automatically DM all of the customers who enter your giveaway via story mention, and easily pick & reward winners. By leveraging both a Tremendous integration and LoudCrowd's Auto-Story Replies tool, you can:

  • Stand out from the thousands of other social giveaways by offering more incentivizing rewards, including cash and third-party gift cards. πŸ’°

  • Increase the barrier to enter your giveaways by requiring a story mention, then track the engagement metrics on all qualified stories. πŸ“ˆ

  • Instantly tell a customer they've entered your giveaway through automation, and easily pick a winner, even long after the giveaway ends. πŸ’¬πŸ…

Want to learn how to set up Tremendous in your account? Take a look at the article below or reach out to your dedicated Client Strategist.

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