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How to implement SMS for program communications
How to implement SMS for program communications

LoudCrowd enables brands to leverage SMS for program communications via Klaviyo SMS

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Enabling SMS for your program communications is one of the most powerful ways to boost ambassador engagement and reward redemption. For more on the unique benefits of SMS, read here.

Setting up SMS for your LoudCrowd Program

    1. Click on the name of your organization in the upper right-hand corner

    2. Select Account from the dropdown

    3. Navigate to Settings > SMS

    4. Click Set up SMS for free

    5. Click Continue

  1. After enabling, decide whether you'd like to use the Klaviyo provided phone number, or port over an existing brand phone number.

    1. You can manage your phone numbers here.

    1. Navigate to Account > Settings > SMS

    2. Go to the Sending Numbers section

    3. Click the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the branded ID

    4. Choose Edit

    5. In the resulting modal, add your sender ID

    6. Click Save

  2. Create an SMS consented list in Klaviyo.

    1. Click on Lists & Segments

    2. Select List

    3. Name Your List

    4. Navigate to Settings and collect the list's ID. You'll need that later.

  3. Add the Consented List ID to your Klaviyo Integration in LoudCrowd

    1. Navigate to Integrations in LoudCrowd

    2. Edit your Klaviyo Integration

    3. Add the list's ID to the last field

  4. If you are setting up SMS for an already launched program, you can collect numbers from existing members by setting up a signup form.

    1. You can set up a sign up form in Klaviyo here.

  5. Your Client Strategist will ensure that the following are addressed prior to launch:

    1. Phone number custom field is added to your LoudCrowd account

    2. Phone number field is added to the sign up modal

    3. SMS consent box is added to the sign up modal

    4. Program / SMS registration is connected between LoudCrowd and Klaviyo

Now you are ready to set up your SMS flows. Flows are set up just like email flows. For a refresher on how to set up Klaviyo emails flows, please read this article.

Setting up the SMS reward

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select Rewards

  3. Select +Add New Reward

  4. Fill in the name of your reward and select Klaviyo for the Delivery Method

  5. For the event ID, type in LoudCrowd_Reward_Earned

    1. Tip: The more rewards you create, the more variations you can have for this event ID. Example: LoudCrowd_Reward_Earned_Tier1, LoudCrowd_Reward_Earned_Tier2

  6. Check the box if your reward will have discount codes, then upload the generated codes

  7. Click Save

Connect the reward from LoudCrowd to Klaviyo

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab in LoudCrowd

  2. Under Outbound, click the Test button next to your Klaviyo account

  3. Fill in the all of the required fields: Recipient Email, Instagram Username, Test Discount Code, and the exact Event ID you created in the steps above.

    1. Tip: You can use any combination of numbers or letters for the Test Discount Code field

  4. Click Test. If you receive "\"{\\\"response\\\": 1}\"", then you have successfully tested this integration.

Create the SMS reward in Klaviyo

Now that the reward is set up in LoudCrowd, log in to your Klaviyo account.

  1. Navigate to Flows -> Create Flow -> Create From Scratch

  2. Select Metric -> Select the Event ID you created in LoudCrowd

    1. Example: LoudCrowd_Reward_Earned

  3. You can now compose the content of your SMS reward

  4. If you have generated codes attached to your LoudCrowd reward, you must include the dynamic property {{event.discountCode}} in the body of your message.

Options for your Reward Flows

  1. Rewards delivered via SMS only

    1. This is only possible if providing a phone number is required of program participants

  2. Rewards delivered via SMS and Email

    1. You can set up your rewards to trigger via both SMS and email

  3. Rewards delivered via SMS or Email

    1. Conditional split – send either SMS or Email based on contact info availability or user opt in

Check out this Klaviyo help article to master using email and SMS together.

If you have any questions or concerns in setting up SMS, please contact your dedicated Client Strategist or reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

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