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How to integrate your Klaviyo account
How to integrate your Klaviyo account

This article will get you started in your Klaviyo integration with LoudCrowd

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Integrating the LoudCrowd platform with your Klaviyo is quick and easy. The integration allows you to seamlessly fire off rewards, whether that be for social gifting, commissions earned or as part of your LoudCrowd ambassador program.

Creating your API key for LoudCrowd

  1. Navigate to Account and select

2. Select API Keys (Note: if you don’t see the API Keys option, then you do not have sufficient Klaviyo permissions)

3. Create a new Private API key

4. Name your new API key “LoudCrowd”

5. Grant Full Access to the API Scopes for Profiles, List, Subscriptions, and Events

6. Copy your new API key for LoudCrowd

Adding your Klaviyo API key in LoudCrowd

  1. Navigate to Integrations in LoudCrowd

2. Hit Add Integration under ‘Outbound’

3. Select Klaviyo from the drop down and add in the API Key that you created in Klaviyo

4. Insert your brand’s typical outbound email and name

5. Save and you’re done!

How do I get a list of my ambassadors in Klaviyo?

To get a list of your ambassadors in Klaviyo, leverage the Dynamic Segment feature along with the welcome email trigger for your program. This will allow you to have an auto-updated list of your ambassadors for easy communication access.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to the Lists & Segments on the left hand panel

  2. Click the 'Create List / Segment button'

  3. Choose 'Segment' from the selection window

  4. Set the condition to be ‘What someone has done (or not done)’ and ‘Has <Ambassador Welcome>’ trigger ‘at least once over all time’. As shown below:

  5. Done! This will create a Segment of anyone who has ever received that trigger (aka sign up for the program) AND automatically update whenever someone new signs up

What else can I do now?

  • Set up surprise and delight rewards to automatically fire off from LoudCrowd… contact your client strategist or [email protected] for assistance.

  • Set up automated rewards with a LoudCrowd Grow program

Did you know?

  • LoudCrowd can fire off triggers on events (i.e. posting on Instagram) and custom fields (i.e. State, Age, etc.) to your Klaviyo. Get creative with your new social flows.

  • LoudCrowd sends over Instagram usernames to your Klaviyo automatically. Have your social data flowing seamlessly between your Social CRM and ESP. Have Questions? Contact [email protected]

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