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Managing your LoudCrowd Segments
Managing your LoudCrowd Segments

Learn how to add, remove, view, and rename Segments via management in Settings.

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We get it, Segments can quickly get unruly and you may find yourself wondering how to get rid or edit some that you no longer need - it's a quick fix!

  1. Navigate to Segments in the Settings panel.

  2. Once within Segment Management, you can complete certain actions:

    1. Deleting a Segment (must have Owner access on the account): Removes the Segment from your platform forever. Note that the users within the segment will remain within your Social CRM and no data will be lost

    2. Renaming a Segment: this will rename the Segment you selected

    3. Adding a new Segment: adds a new Segment. More on adding people to segments here

    4. Viewing a Segment: this will automatically take you to the Social CRM page, filtered for the selected Segment

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