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How-to Filter your Social CRM
How-to Filter your Social CRM

Best Practices for finding crucial information within your Social CRM.

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What are LoudCrowd Filters

Filters are the best way to narrow down your search on the LoudCrowd platform based on specific parameters. The current LoudCrowd Filters are as follows:

  • Post Date: Customers who have posted within a specific time frame. Use the pre-set date ranges or select your own.

  • Segment: Users that belong to a Segment. See Segment guide here for more information.

  • Programs: Select one of your Programs to see all of your program members.

  • Challenges: Search for challenge participants through this filter + selecting which challenge you're looking for.

  • Messages: Search for Auto Story Replies or Manual Story Replies that have gone out to creators.

  • Username: Search for a user's Instagram handle

  • Email: Search for a creators email address

  • Biography: Search for Instagram username biography keywords (i.e. location, occupation, etc.)

  • Notes: Search for keywords in your saved customer notes

  • Customer Info:

    • Follower Count: Number of Instagram Followers

    • Engagement Rate

    • Impressions: Total number of views of a post or customer

  • Activity:

    • Member Since Date: The time in which a creator join a program

    • Post Count: Number of Posts that tag your brand

    • First Post Date: Customers who have posted for the first time within a specific time frame. Use the pre-set date rangers or select your own

    • Inactive Since: Filter for accounts who have not tagged you within a specific time range

    • Last Reward Date: Select a period of time to filter for customers who received a reward within that time frame

    • Reward: Select a reward to see which customers received the reward

  • Post Info:

    • Mention Type:

      • Tag: Actual tag on the Instagram Photo/Video in feed

      • Caption Mention: Mention of the brand in the caption of the Instagram photo

      • Story: Instagram Story Tag

    • Media Type:

      • Image

      • Video

      • Carousel

    • Post Type:

      • Feed

      • Story

      • Reels

    • Label: Customers that have been classified with a specific label. See Labels guide.

  • Custom Field Data: Search for data you collect at program application (ex. birthday)

  • Post Status:

    • Program Status: Approved or Rejected status of a program post.

    • Challenge Status: Approved or Rejected status of a challenge post.

Where can I find Filters?

You can apply these filters on the Social CRM Tab to identify customers depending on a search criteria.

How do I use Filters?

  1. Navigate to the Social CRM Tab

  2. Select “Add Filter” and customize your search

  3. Select “Exclude” if you would like to exclude posts/customers from a specific label or segment

  4. “Reset” the search to clear out any filters


Social CRM Filters:

  • First time posters

  • Top customers not already in a program

  • Specific customer posts from the last 6 months


Can I use filters to exclude posts or customers?

Currently, you can exclude posts or customers who have been classified with a specific label, segment, or message recipient.

How many filters can I use in a search?

You can use as many filters as you’d like to get optimal results!

Can I save these search results to view at a later date?

Now that you have your specific posts or customer group based on your search criteria, you can either Save your search, or organize your results using Labels or Segments.

Have Questions?

Reach out to [email protected] and our Customer Success team will be happy to assist you!

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