Types of LoudCrowd Grow Programs

Learn about the various types of LoudCrowd Programs and determine what's best for your brand?

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All Customer Programs

All Customer Programs are open to all of your customers, assuming they have an eligible Instagram or TikTok account. These programs typically utilize smaller rewards to incentivize members to share the love of the brand on their socials. Moreover, these programs tend to prioritize content quantity over quality.

All Customer Programs can utilize a monthly reward structure or an ongoing tiered structure. Monthly structures award customers at the end of the month for the number of posts they make in that time period.

Ongoing tiered structures are continuous and reward customers as they hit certain post milestones, thus not being time constrained.

All Customer Programs can be combined with your existing points systems (like Smile, Yotpo, and Loyalty Lion), to make your rewards simple and cohesive.

Exclusive Programs

Exclusive Programs typically target higher end content creators and offer relatively more valuable rewards (high site credits, exclusive merchandise, etc.). Exclusive Programs typically prioritize content quality and reach over quantity.

Members of Exclusive Programs are typically targeted via Instagram DMs or selective email segments. Additionally, you can funnel inbound content creator requests through your Exclusive Program. You can identify prospects for your Exclusive Program by filtering through the Social CRM tab.

Exclusive Programs can utilize a monthly structure or continuous structure (discussed above). You can even reward through points if you have an ongoing points based loyalty program (like Smile, Yotpo, or Loyalty Lion); or combine your Exclusive Program with your Affiliate Program too.

Points Integrations Only Based Programs

If you have a points based program through Yotpo, Smile, Loyalty Lion or similar and simply want to add a button that awards points for every Instagram Story and Feed Post or TikTok, that’s super simple.

Here’s how to integrate and set up rewards for Yotpo and Loyalty Lion. Contact your dedicated client strategist of [email protected] for support with other points based systems.

Need help deciding what’s best for you? Think about the following questions?

  1. Are you looking for more content or better quality content, or maybe even both?

  2. Are you looking for a completely hands off Rewards system?

  3. Are you looking for a group of creators to have on hand for marketing purposes?

  4. What rewards are you able to offer?

  5. Are you looking to spice up your current rewards system?

Chat with LoudCrowd to talk through your goals and ideas!

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