How to integrate with Yotpo

Learn how to get your Yotpo account integrated with LoudCrowd and set up Yotpo rewards!

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Integrating your Yotpo account with LoudCrowd allows you to reward customers for their social media content within your existing loyalty program. You can set up as many automated or manual points based rewards as you please. The process is straightforward and requires about 1-2 hours of your time.

Before proceeding, ensure you have Admin access to both your Yotpo and LoudCrowd accounts.

Linking your LoudCrowd and Yotpo accounts via API key

Login to your Yotpo Rewards page and select Settings. You'll need to pull both your Yotpo API Key and GUID from this page.

Navigate to the Integrations tab in the LoudCrowd platform. Create a new Yotpo outbound integration and add in the API Key and GUID that you found in Yotpo.

Once complete, you've successfully linked your Yotpo and LoudCrowd accounts.

Creating your LoudCrowd/Yotpo Reward

Navigate to "set up a program on the left hand tab.

Then, select "manage earning rule"

Then select "Create Earning Rule"

Then Select "custom Action"

In your Custom Action, feel free to customize your new reward according to your needs and preferences. The below template should fit most configurations, but reach out to your dedicated Client Strategist or [email protected] with any questions about customizations.

After setting up your reward in LoudCrowd, you can now test your integration via the LoudCrowd integrations page.

Next to your Yotpo integration, hit the test button and enter an email corresponding to an actual Yotpo account and enter the event ID you chose for the reward. Ensure your event ID for your LoudCrowd reward matches the trigger for your Custom Action in Yotpo.

When you return to your Yotpo Rewards dashboard, you should now see the action in the "Customers" - "Customer Mgmt" table. Additionally, the points delivered should now be reflected in your test Yotpo account. If this worked, congrats you're all set!

Looking to link your new reward to one of your LoudCrowd Grow programs?

Contact your dedicated Client Strategist or support@loudcrowd to quickly make that happen.

How to add a button on your Yotpo landing page that links to your LoudCrowd Grow program's landing page?

Just like any of your other Yotpo buttons, you can add it via the Display On-Site section and then via your landing page.

In the button your create, be sure to link to your Grow program's landing page (if applicable).

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