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Login Support for Creator Hub

How to support / troubleshoot if an affiliate is unable access the Creator Hub.

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Creator Hub is a pivotal component of LoudCrowd's integrated experience with your affiliate (and ambassador) program. However, issues accessing the hub may arise from time to time that can hinder your Creators' ability to explore the Creator Hub. In this article, we will explore troubleshooting tactics to help you resolve these access-related issues.

Three troubleshooting tactics for issues with accessing the Creator Hub:

Check that the customer is using the same email to login as the one connected to their social account in LoudCrowd / your brand's program.

LoudCrowd’s Creator Hub integrates directly on your brand's site, for a seamless, white label experience. Creators MUST use the same login they use to shop on your online store, to get to their Creator Hub. Then, if the customer is in a LoudCrowd program, they will be able to view the creator hub and commission stats via the standard account page that's registered with the email used to sign-up.

Request that the customer clears their Browser History AND Cache.

First, check to see if the customer has recently cleared their browser history on the selected device they're attempting to login on. If they have not cleared their browser history within the last 15-30 days, request that they do this prior to logging into their account on your brand's site. This will help whichever device they are attempting to login with run more optimally.

Secondly, if clearing their browser history did not resolve the connectivity issue, the next step would be to have the customer clear their cache on that same device.

Important to note: Clearing one's browser history and clearing one's cache are NOT the same thing. The two actions require a different set of instructions and steps in order to complete. For more information on this distinction, please see below:

  • Browser History is the list of sites that you have visited using this specific browser. To clear browsing data from Chrome, follow these instructions here. Once completed, browsing data will be removed from other devices that are logged in to that Google account as well. If you prefer to delete browsing history from just one website in Chrome, this article here walks you through how to do just that.

  • Cache stores temporary files, such as web pages and other online media, that the browser downloaded from the Internet to speed up loading of pages and sites that you've already visited. If you're trying to login to the hub via the Safari app on your iPhone, this Apple Help Center article walks you through how to clear cache and cookies on your iPhone device.

Reach out to your dedicated Client Strategist for support!

For context, the Ambassador Hub has 6 blocks that make up its page in Shopify:

  1. AmbassadorHub Profile

  2. AmbassadorHub Commissions

  3. AmbassadorHub Rewards

  4. AmbassadorHub Socialstats

  5. AmbassadorHub Products

  6. AmbassadorHub Recent Posts

Each time your eComm team makes an update to your Shopify live theme, they will need to make sure to copy the “ambassador-hub” page (aka the six content blocks listed above) to the new live theme in order for the hub to continue being accessible to your affiliates. This works better in theory rather than execution, and sometimes elements get lost in transition.

For more information about LoudCrowd's Creator Hub, please refer to our Help Center article here.

Still need help? Reach out to [email protected] for further assistance.

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