Reviving Inactive Ambassadors
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Sometime you may find ambassadors are eager to post when they first get accepted into your ambassador program, but then you realize a decline in participation. Not only are Program Challenges a great way to interact with ambassadors, here's how some brands reengaged with their ambassadors and got them active again.

A good scare tactic can go a long way, that's how one client made up for lack of ambassador posts. By telling ambassadors who hadn't posted in 3 months that they would be at risk of being removed from the program, they saw posts double in just a one week's timeframe! Ask your Client Strategist for a Klaviyo template that encourages program participation.

Personal DMs could also be a good way to personalize your reach out. Make the ambassador feel valued that you're looking out for their content and hoping to see more.

Revamp reward structure may be another good tactic. Sometimes your original rewards may not be appealing to your audience, so rethinking your rewards could be a step in the right direction.

Mid month reminder reminds the ambassador of what tiers they can be gifted and makes the program top of mind.

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