Types of Rewards in LoudCrowd

It's the season of giving, and we've got reward options galore!

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Looking for more ways to reward your loyal customers this holiday season and through the new year?

We know that 67% of customers would choose one retailer over another based on the strength of their UGC .

Here are some different ways you can reward your customers using LoudCrowd:

  • Cash and Gift Cards: Diversify your reward offerings through our partnership with Tremendous. Send cash via direct deposit, Paypal, and Venmo, as well as gift cards from 700+ vendors.

  • Site Credits and Discounts: Reward customers for posting with site credit to purchase more of your brands items.

  • Free Product: Sending customers free product for engaging with your brand is a great way to continue to build your brand and community of loyal customers.

  • Loyalty Points: LoudCrowd integrates with several loyalty point systems so you can easily send points that drop into a customer's loyalty points bank.

  • Philanthropic Gifts: Make a difference and give back to the community by donating to charity or planting a tree on a customer’s behalf.

For more tips on how to level up your social rewards check out this article!

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