How to level up your Social Rewards Program

Unique ways to interact with your Program members when it comes to communication and rewarding.

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Now that your Program is live, it’s time to level up your overall communication, rewards, and ways to start utilizing your Program members!


  • Instagram Close Friends

    • The Close Friends feature on Instagram allows you to add an exclusive group of customers to view your private Stories. Once you add your members to this special permission, you now have another way to communicate with them. Make sure to let them know that only program members will be part of your Close Friends, and to look out for the green circle which indicates exclusive content only they get to see!

      • A few ways to utilize Close Friends - Program-only challenge announcements and reminders, new product sneak peaks, any Program updates / changes.

  • Discord

    • This is an invite-only app where your Program members can communicate with one another. Within this app, your members can discuss your brand, collaborate on content ideas, answer any Program frequently asked questions, and more!


  • Experiential Rewards

    • While discount codes, site credits, and free products are great for your base rewards, it’s time to throw some experiential rewards into the mix! The experiential reward can serve as a bonus gift for winning a challenge or given to Ambassadors who go above and beyond with their posts that month.

      • Examples - Experiential rewards could be a free night at a hotel, a free massage, a cooking class for your Ambassador + a friend, etc.!

  • Philanthropic Gifts

    • Making a difference in the world feels amazing, so give your members a chance to give back to their community!

      • Examples - You can plant a tree on their behalf or donate to a charity in their name. Or, you can run community driven challenges where your members are encouraged to volunteer in their community in exchange for a bonus reward that month.

Ways to utilize your members:

  • Product Development + Crowdsourcing

    • Need help coming up with your newest idea? Look no further! Your Ambassadors are here to help when it comes to new product launches. Since they already love you, they'll come to the table with what they’d like to see next from the brand.

      • Examples - Give them early access to a product that’s in early stages of development for feedback or run a challenge where they can name the next new product.

  • Member - only Events

    • Hosting member-only events is a great way to not only interact with your members more, but gives them the opportunity to meet other members who have similar interests as them.

      • Examples - Host a member-only exercise class, cooking class, holiday party or a master class on how to grow their social media presence.

  • Hire Ambassadors

    • If your brand is hiring for a full-time position or a semester internship, look to your Ambassadors! Your program members are already super fans of your brand, so they’re aligned closely with your values and mission. Plus, they’d be going into the position already knowledgeable about your company's history and ideas of where you can go from here.

If you want to start implementing any of the above, reach out to your Client Strategist or [email protected] for more information.

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