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Let LoudCrowd work for you on the weekends, holidays, and other busy seasons.

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LoudCrowd is working when you're not, thanks to Auto Story Replies. You'll never miss the chance to reply to a customer when they tag your brand in an Instagram Story...even if you're out of office. Below are a few popular use cases to get you started.

Run Auto Story Replies over the weekend

Having a team dedicated to monitoring your social activity over the weekend can become very costly, very quickly. By having Auto Story Replies turned on over the weekend, you'll never miss the chance to thank a customer or creator for tagging you in their Instagram Story.

Create an Auto Story Reply for Holidays

Every holiday serves as an opportunity for brands to gain net-new customers, so it's important to never miss out on the chance to acknowledge a customer who might have tagged you on Instagram for the first time. While you're enjoying time with family & friends, let LoudCrowd do the work by thanking your customers for showing off their new holiday gift!

Improve your current work flow

Due to your Instagram inbox constantly being flooded with proactive DMs and Story & Feed tag notifications, it becomes hard to keep track of every message you need to acknowledge or reply to. Set up an Auto Story Reply to ensure you've acknowledged every Story in case it gets buried within your inbox. You can always follow up with another message at a later time!

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