Gone are the days of passing off organic social as a non-revenue driver. With LoudCrowd's Auto Story Replies, you can reply to your customers' mentions with unique discount codes that will attribute revenue directly back to your DM convos.

Message Set up

To set up your Black Friday story reply, select "Create Message" in the Messages tab.

In your E-comm platform, create a unique discount code and incorporate it into the body of the message. If you'd prefer to create a set of one-time discount codes, you can upload the rewards into LoudCrowd and attach them to the message.

On the next page of the message builder, select which customers you'd like to activate for this discount code. You can include or exclude customers from certain Programs, Segments, Bio keywords, or Follower Count thresholds

To ensure that customers don't receive this message over and over again, select the tick box and choose to skip customers who have received this message ever.

Tracking Message Performance:

In the Messages tab under "Activity", you can track the performance of your replies, including seeing the recipients of every message.

If you used a unique discount code(s) in your story reply, you can track the revenue tied to this discount code in your E-comm platform and directly attribute it back to your story reply.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to leverage story replies for exclusive sale periods, and turn organic engagement into a key revenue driver for your brand!

If you need any help setting up an Auto Story Reply or would like to add on the Messaging feature to your account, reach out to your dedicated client strategist!

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