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Instagram Reels: Deep Dive and FAQ
Instagram Reels: Deep Dive and FAQ

Instagram Reels is Meta's latest venture into the increasingly popular short form video space. LoudCrowds got you covered!

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LoudCrowd's platform features Instagram Reels so you can reward your customers in more ways than traditional In-feed posts and Stories. Instagram Reels are short form videos from a users typically featuring today's trends in popular culture. Reels represents Meta's latest attempt to take on TikTok in today's attention economy. Much like every other novel social media outlet, it is crucial brands hone down on their Reels strategy.

How do I find my Instagram Reels UGC?

-Dashboard: you can filter your main UGC dashboard by Reels by applying the 'Posts' filter.

- Content: navigating to Add Filter -> Post Info -> Post Type -> Reels with filter out your content tab by just Reels. You can otherwise differentiate your Reels by searching for the Reels logo in the bottom right hand side of each content card. Like other Instagram posts and TikToks, all standard Content tab filters are applicable to Reels.

How should I be reporting on my Instagram Reels?

Much like Instagram In-feed posts and Stories, the same key metrics apply to Reels: number of posts, impressions, engagement rate, and EMV. As Instagram attempts to model their Reels page after TikTok's FYP, you should expect your Reels UGC to yield higher impressions and engagement rate, compared to other content.

We recommend filtering your dashboard by the various Instagram post types, to do a thorough comparison overtime. As Instagram continues to prioritize Reels, you'll want to see an "up and to the right" Reels dashboard. To get a precise breakdown of your Reels content overtime, we recommend exporting your Reels content, and performing a deeper spreadsheet dive. For a refresher on exporting your content, please refer to this article.

Can I save my Reels?

Yes, much like In-feed posts and TikToks, you can directly save your Reels via the download button.

Can I see my historical Reels UGC?

We are only able to collect what Meta provides to us via their API. We are confident that any Reel posted after July 1st, 2022 (around when Meta officially opened up the API) can be found on the LoudCrowd app. Occasionally, posts from before that date may appear throughout.

Can I reward for Reels UGC?

Yes, like any other Instagram post and TikTok, you can immediately begin rewarding for Reels. As always, simplicity is key when designing program reward structures. Speak with your dedicated client strategist to brainstorm your Reels strategy.

Will my Reels content disappear?

No, much like In-feed posts and TikToks, your Reels content will forever live in LoudCrowd.

Why can't I see the content of my Reel in the LoudCrowd app?

If the Reel contains content (mainly sounds) featuring copyrighted material, Meta does not push the content through the API. However, you'll still see all other post details like impressions, EMV, engagement, etc. You can also directly link to the post in Instagram through LoudCrowd.

How do Reels compare to TikToks?

As of today, TikTok remains the more powerful outlet for short form video content due to the democratic nature of the algorithm, the popularity of the platform, and other reasons detailed here. However, this doesn't mean that Reels shouldn't be an imperative part of any brand social strategy. There are numerous instances in which the same short form video garners more attention on Reels over TikTok. Moreover, the beauty of Reels and TikTok, is that the same content can be repurposed on both platforms, with little effort, especially if you have a LoudCrowd ambassador program.

For now, you should expect your TikTok UGC to perform slightly better in terms of impressions, engagement rate, and more. However, all of that can change quickly, so make sure your Reels strategy is laid out completely. Speak with your dedicated client strategist for more tips and tricks when it comes to Reels and TikToks.

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