How to Use Notes in LoudCrowd

Easily keep track of customer interactions with Notes

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LoudCrowd's Notes feature gives brands the opportunity to manage their community by tracking interactions with customers. By creating notes in LoudCrowd, you can eliminate spreadsheet usage, as Community Managers are able to create and search for notes directly within LoudCrowd.

Where can I find Notes?

Navigate to the Social CRM tab in LoudCrowd, then click on a customer's username. Select the Notes tab within their profile, then you’re able to create a new note!

How do I add a note to a customer's profile?

Once you’ve navigated to the notes tab within your customers profile, you can add a note! To do so, start typing in the note you’d like to leave. You can then select a category that best fits your note, then click Add Note.

What categories of notes are there to choose from?

  • Complaint

  • Messaged

  • Issues - Rewards

  • Emailed

  • Call

  • Other

Examples of Notes to create:

  • Create a note if you’ve had a good interaction with a customer via Instagram DM

  • When your Brand Ambassador inquires about a reward

  • Leave a note on your Brand Ambassadors profile if they won a monthly challenge or contest


  • Can I search for notes?

    • Yes! Navigate to the Social CRM tab -> click +Add Filter -> select Notes. You can then search for your notes by keywords, categories, or the date which you created the note.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of notes I can leave for a customer?

    • Nope! You can leave as many notes you’d like in each customer profile.

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