How to Use Content Labels

Curate UGC Galleries to quickly repost UGC & Track Content

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What are Labels?

Labels are LoudCrowd’s Content Organization Tool.

Where can I find Labels?

See a list of labels in your settings, use labels as a filter on the content and Social CRM tabs, or view labels on individual posts.

You’ll be able to create and manage labels in “Settings” > “Labels,” but you’ll primarily use labels in the “Content” tab.

How do I create a Label?

From Settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings and select “Labels”

  2. Click Add Label to create a new Label

  3. Delete labels by selecting “Delete” next to the Label name

From Single Post:

  1. Identify the post you’d like to label

  2. Click Add Label

  3. Type in the name you’d like to use, and select “Add”

From Multiple Posts

  1. Click “Select” under the Filters box to choose multiple posts

  2. Select “+ Label”

  3. Type in the name you’d like to use, and select “Add”

How do I use a Label?

Labels can be used as a filter on the Content and Social CRM tab as a way to narrow down posts or customers whose posts have been identified with a label.


  • Repost / Feature: Label photos that you’d like to repost to your IG Story or Feed, or repurpose for other marketing collateral.

    • Example Labels: “Fan Friday UGC Roundup”, “Feed-worthy,” “Add to Newsletter”

  • Specific Products: Label photos that feature a specific product or product line

    • Example Labels: “Mascara”, “Leggings”, “Spring/Summer Collection”

  • Seasonality: Label photos that align with your seasonal marketing initiatives

    • Example Labels: “Football Season,” “4th of July,” “Snow”

  • Marketing Campaigns/Initiatives: Label photos that mention one of your programs

    • Example Labels: “New Color Drop,” “Spring Ambassador Challenge,” “#hashtags”


Can I delete Labels?

Yes, you can manage labels under “Settings > Labels”.

Are labels only visible to me or the entire account?

Everyone on your team will have access to the labels created in your account.

Is there a limit to how many labels I can create?

Nope! You’re able to organize your UGC however you’d like with unlimited labels.

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