How to Create and Manage Rewards

Everything you need to know about Rewards Management in LoudCrowd

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To get started setting up and managing rewards in LoudCrowd, navigate to the Rewards Management section. This section lives in the Settings tab, visible in the bottom left-hand corner of the platform.

When setting up rewards, first we need to decide what type(s) of reward you want to send to customers. We can utilize any type of reward imaginable, as long as it can be sent digitally. Popular options include:

Types of Rewards

  • Discounts (on the eComm)

  • Site Credits

  • Loyalty Points (via your Loyalty Platform)

  • Free Product

  • Free Shipping

  • Gift Cards

Once you know what type of reward to set up, determine how you can digitally send that reward. For most customers, you should be able to send a "Coupon Code" for everything from site credits to discounts to free products. We recommend utilizing one-time use codes so they don't end up on the internet. For Loyalty Points, no codes will be required as we connect to your Loyalty Platform via API.

Creating a new Reward

From the Rewards Management section, begin by simply clicking "Add Reward" and naming your new reward:

Upload Codes

Once your new reward is created, it's time to upload your codes. We recommend one-time use codes, and typically your eCommerce platform will be able to build a one-time use code for anything you can imagine.

Download those codes to a CSV (we recommend uploading a minimum of 1000 codes to avoid doing this frequently), and then format them so that they can be uploaded to the reward.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not upload any alternative types of spreadsheet files (eg. .xlsx Excel files), as they can result in our system registering blank rows as blank codes. Please verify that you are uploading the correct number of codes when you complete the file upload.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The CSV file you upload should be completely unformatted, and only include 1 column of the codes you'd like to upload, and the header must be named 'Code'. Your first code should be the first cell. You will need to upload a separate CSV for each reward value, meaning you can't combine the different reward values on one file. Example Code CSVs below

Good CSV: the header must say code, no formatting, only one column with the first code in the first cell




Bad CSV: Our system will not accept this upload that includes more than one column, more than one code, headers and formatting.

Creation Date









Upload Codes - Gift Cards

Gift card uploads are slightly different than reward codes, as we allow you to upload a security pin with gift card uploads. For Gift Cards, you will need one column with the header 'Code', which is where you will put the full gift card number. Then, you have the option to add a second header named 'Pin', which is where you have the option to include any security pin that is required to redeem the gift card. Here is an example of a good gift card reward upload format:







Confirming that your Rewards Uploaded Properly

The final step of your upload is to confirm that your rewards uploaded properly. An easy way to do this is to check that the number of codes you uploaded is the same as what shows on the platform.

  1. Check in your spreadsheet software how many rows of codes you are uploading. You can do this by selecting the entire row of codes. It will give you a count of the codes at the bottom.

  2. Confirm that the number of codes uploaded into the LoudCrowd platform matches the count from your spreadsheet

Reward Delivery

Once your codes are uploaded, they are ready to send manually (via Copying Codes to DM). To enable automated code delivery, we need to set up an Integration with an outbound delivery system. There are two types of delivery systems:

  • Email Service Providers

  • Loyalty Systems

Email Service Providers enable us to automatically send a reward via an email template. This can be done via point and click or automations, and it can be done for one or many users at a time.

To set up an Integration with an Email Service Provider - see this library

Loyalty Systems allow your customers to earn points and redeem them for rewards. Rewards can be sent via point and click or automations, and it can be done for one or many users at a time.

To set up an Integration with your Loyalty System - see this library

Once the integration is completed, you can connect the reward delivery method. Simply select the reward and the delivery system.

Email Delivery:

For email delivery methods, you will have to provide both the system, and the Template ID.

From that point, we need to connect this LoudCrowd event to an email template, which can be done directly in your Email Service Provider (ESP). Refer to the ESP integration guides in our Integration Library to connect the LoudCrowd Event to the template.

Loyalty Delivery:

Similar to the Email Service Provider delivery method, for Loyalty Systems, simply select your Loyalty System and enter an Event ID. We recommend using LoudCrowd_pointsvalue (points value being the amount of points that will be sent to the loyalty account).

From there, we'll need to connect this LoudCrowd event to a Loyalty event, which can be done directly in your Loyalty Solution. Refer to the Loyalty System guides in our Integration Library to connect the LoudCrowd Event to a rewards event.

Editing Rewards

To edit existing rewards, click on the Edit Reward button for assistance configuring rewards, do not hesitate to reach out to your Client Strategist (or just open a chat in the bottom-right).


Can I send the same reward via multiple systems, or from multiple emails?

Yes, if you plan on having multiple distribution systems, just set up multiple rewards (and name them appropriately).

What if I don't have one-time use codes?

You can simply enter the same code multiple times in a CSV. We need to have multiple rows so we can track the number of times the reward was distributed.

Can I reuse the same reward codes if I delete and recreate a reward?

Yes, when you delete a reward, the reward will no longer be active. As long as you haven't used any of the codes yet, you can attach the codes to a new reward.

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