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How to navigate your Customer Profiles
How to navigate your Customer Profiles

Learn how to get the most of your customer profiles. It's time to ditch your messy spreadsheets!

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1 Social Handle: Links directly to their social page. Handy if you found content you really like and want to fire off a DM to thank them.

2 Contact Information: Ditch your spreadsheets and keep your social handles, emails, and phone numbers in one place.

3 Social Biography: Pulled directly from their social account. Don’t forget to use your Social CRM tab to search for keywords in Biographies!

4 LoudCrowd Segments: Quickly glance at what segments the customer is in. Hover over each segment if you’d like to remove the customer from it. Or use the “Add to Segment” button to pull up your list of LoudCrowd segments.

5 Engagement Stats: See a quick summary of your customer’s engagement stats on posts tagging or mentioning your brand handle.

  1. Impressions: the total numbers of eyes that has seen content from this customer, featuring your brand’s tag or mention

  2. Engagement Rate: the rate of engagement (think like/comment ratio to number of followers) from this customer’s content featuring your brand’s tag or mention (3-8% is a healthy engagement rate)

  3. EMV (Earned Media Value): the amount you would have had to a pay an influencer to create the same level of content

6 Custom Fields: any additional information you want to keep on your customers. Contact [email protected] or your dedicated client strategist to get other custom fields added to your Social CRM. Address is one default customer field but other handy information like birthday, location, etc. may be beneficial to your community management.

7 Actions and Social Gifting: The actions button allows you to add individuals to Segments or Programs. The Send Gift button allows you to fire off emails/rewards that you have integrated with the platform. See a deep dive on Segments here and on Social Gifting here.

8 Your Customer’s Posts: The posts tab contains a list of all of your customer’s posts that tag or caption mention your brand. If you have an Ambassador Program, you can see which of their content has been Approved or Rejected in accordance with your program rules.

9 Activity: Lists out the history of posts and rewards between your brand and the customer.

10 Notes: Contains the notes that you or anyone in your organization has left on the customer. Again, ditch the messy spreadsheets and keep all of your social information in one place! Learn more about Notes here! Have Questions? Contact [email protected]

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