How to Export a List of Your Ambassadors

Are you running a challenge and need to set up a campaign in your ESP? Or maybe you need to vlookup your Ambassadors to their Shopify data. Perhaps your boss asked for a list of your Ambassadors and each of their total impressions. LoudCrowd has you covered with Ambassador exports.

There are two simple ways to export a list of your Ambassadors in the LoudCrowd platform.

Method 1: From the Programs Tab

Navigate to Programs -> Select the program of interest ->

Members ->

Select All ->

Actions -> Export

Method 2: From the Social CRM Tab

Navigate to Social CRM -> Add Filter ->

Segment ->

Search and apply your Ambassador segment (the name of your program) ->

Select All -> Actions -> Export

What will be in my export?

The below fields will be included in your default export. Contact your client strategist if you have any other needs.

  • Username

  • Email

  • Avatar URL

  • Member Since (Programs tab export only)

  • Added Data (Social CRM export only)

  • Post Count

  • Instagram Followers

  • Average Engagement

  • Total Impressions

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