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LoudCrowd's platform features Instagram stories so you can reward your customers in more ways than traditional posts. Instagram stories are a post from a user that lasts 24 hours vs traditional post that lasts forever.

How to find my Instagram stories:

A. Metrics for stories will be collected at every level of the app. Like feed posts, they will be measured throughout the app. To view your Stories, navigate to the Content tab.

How can I filter through posts to only see my customer's stories?

A. Locate the add filter option, select Post Info, select Story.

B. In the mention type option select the story filter


  • You can offer a unique reward for Story posts

  • Add Stories to a label


Do Stories disappear?

Yes, Facebook only allows us to display the image/video and caption of the Story for 24 hours. We display countdown timers on each piece of Content, and you have 24 hours to be able to view the content.

What happens after they disappear?

Our app will show a record that the "Story Expired". The metrics of the post remain along with any labels you've created.

Can you save Stories?

It's not possible to archive Stories in our app (Facebook rules). Just like in Instagram, nothing prevents you from taking a screenshot or downloading the high-res image before it expires.

Can I reward customers for Stories?

Yes, we can reward customers for creating Stories content just like any other type of content. Contact your Client Strategist to work Stories into your Programs!

How should I reward customers for Stories?

As always, we believe simplicity is very important to programs. We recommend either creating a "Bonus" tier that customers can achieve by creating Stories content or just treating Stories like Feed content. If you're electing to treat Stories like Feed content, the value of the rewards should be reduced since Stories receive fewer impressions than Feed posts.

How many Stories should I expect?

Our customers have been receiving roughly 3x as many Stories as Feed posts.

I'm not receiving any Stories, what's wrong?

Please refer to our Troubleshooting questions in this article.

Still, need help getting set up?

Reach out to [email protected] and our Customer Success team will be happy to assist you!

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