How to Activate Instagram Stories

Activating Instagram Stories

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LoudCrowd's platform features Instagram stories so you can reward your customers in more ways than traditional posts. Automatically capturing all of the Instagram Stories you are tagged in is as simple as updating your Facebook Authentication.

How to activate Instagram stories:
1. Sign in as the Admin or Account Owner.

2. Navigate to the Integrations Page.

3. Click "Refresh"

4. Follow the Facebook prompts without de-selecting any of the permissions. The new permission we need is "Manage Messages".

With the new permission, our system will automatically start pulling in Stories.


If you are not receiving stories after adding that permission and completing the Refresh, here are two ways to troubleshoot the process:

  1. Confirm that LoudCrowd has received the "Manage Messages" permission. This can be located here in your Facebook Page settings. To Navigate to this, go to: > More Tools > Page Settings > Advanced Messaging. You should see LoudCrowd here:

2. Confirm that you are not restricting messages in your Instagram account. This can be confirmed by navigating to Settings > Privacy > Messages. Scroll to Connected Tools and confirm "Allow Access to Messages" is turned on within the mobile app.


What is the average amount of stories I should expect?
Our customers have been receiving roughly 3x as many Stories as Feed posts.

What happens after they disappear?

Our app will show a record that the "Story Expired".

For more common questions about Instagram stories please see our help article here.

Still, need help getting set up?

Reach out to [email protected] and our Customer Success team will be happy to assist you!

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