What is the Campaign Dashboard

The Campaign Dashboard is your homebase for a specific customer rewards program. This is where you can find everything about your campaign in one central place.

Where can I find the Campaign Dashboard

The Campaign Dashboard is the first page you see after you select “View Campaign” in the Campaigns Tab.

How do I Navigate the Campaign Dashboard

Section 1: Statistics - View a snapshot of your Campaign Performance. Filter for a specific date range, or look at statistics from all time.

Section 2: Signups and Recent Members - See how many sign ups you’ve gotten over time, and view your most recent campaign members

Section 3: Rewards - Identify what rewards are associated with the campaign and quickly see rewards metrics.

Section 4: Content - Top posts based on Impressions

Section 5: Members - Top members based on Impressions


  • View Campaign performance during a specific month

  • Measure the effectiveness of your outreach by monitoring Campaign signups

  • Select the top Ambassador photo to repost to your social media


How to calculate the percent change for each of the metrics?

These are based on the date range. To change the date range select the blue button on the right hand side of the screen.

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