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How to identify top performers, engage with low post users, seek out your most engaging members, and more.

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Who are the Program Members?

These are the customers who signed up for your Ambassador Program, Rewards Program, Affiliate Program or storefronts program.

Where can I find the Program Members?

In the Program Tab, click on the View Program button. On the top banner, click on the Members tab.

How do I Navigate the Program Members?

You can see how many sign-ups you’ve gotten over time, and view your program members. You can see the username, how long they’ve been a member, post count, how many followers they have, their engagement rate, and their impressions.


  • The total number of members who have signed up for your program

  • How many times your program member has posted

  • Filter through your members to see specific statistics (for example, Post Date)


How many filters can I use in a search?

You can use as many filters as you’d like to get optimal results!

What types of filters can I use?

  • Post Date

  • Segment

  • Username

  • Challenges

  • Messages

  • Email

  • Biography

  • Notes

  • Customer Info

  • Activity

  • Post Info

  • Custom Field Data

Can I reward a member for their content?

Yes! Hover your mouse over the user's Impressions number, then an Action button will appear. Click on the down arrow, then Send Reward.

Can I sort the members based on their statistics?

Yes! You can sort the members by Member Since, Post Count, Followers, Engagement Rate, or Impressions. If you click on any of those headers, the column will be automatically sorted.

Still, need help getting set up?

Reach out to [email protected] and our Customer Success team will be happy to assist you!

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