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Email Best Practices

Now that your program is live, engage with your program members via email.

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Outside of your transactional program emails (welcome email, reward emails, etc.), there are numerous other times when you should be emailing your program members. These include:

  • Announcements - send out an email to all of your program members anytime you have an important program related announcement, such as a change in the program, or general brand announcements, such as an upcoming sale period you'd like for the members to be aware of.

  • Reminders - every month as you near the end of the pay period or content reward window, send out a quick reminder email to either complete their content deliverables for the month or urging them to keep selling before the pay period closes. Reminder: pay periods close 2 days before the first day of every month, and members have until 11:59pm PST on the last day of the month to post their content.

  • Newsletters - engage with your program members by sending out a program newsletter on a regular cadence which can include announcements, upcoming events/product releases/sales/etc, member highlights, tips for success in the program, and more.

  • Inactive outreach - if you've noticed a handful of creators haven't posted recently or made a sale through their page or code recently, email them a quick note letting them know they need to remain active in your program.

  • Challenge announcements / reminders - If you're running a sales challenge or content challenge, send out an email when the challenge starts to let your members know how to participate and send out reminders throughout the challenge to encourage them to keep going. At the end of the challenge, send out an email highlighting your winners (if applicable).

All of this can be replicated for communications via SMS, too. Check out this article here to get started utilizing SMS.

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