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Using Social, DMs, Email and Discovery To Grow Your Program
Using Social, DMs, Email and Discovery To Grow Your Program
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Just launched your Creator program and looking for ways to expand? A great way to start would be by leveraging your social network and customers who are already subscribed to your marketing emails.

Growing On Social

A program launch post is a great first step in making your program known to customers who already love your brand! A simple story post linking to the program landing page, and/or an in-feed post directing followers to your link in bio with the landing page living in your linkt.ree always does the trick in getting applicants into your program.

Growing with Instagram DMs (AKA) Auto Story Replies

Although some clients enjoy personally DMing customers, LoudCrowd gives you the opportunity to recruit even when you're not manually sending out messages! See how auto stories are working when you're not and how to set up the Story responder.

Growing with Email

As a business I'm sure you already have a running list of email subscribers, so why not send them a blast with the program announcement?! Sending a friendly email to your subscribers is another easy and effective way to get your program flowing with applicants.

Growing with Discovery

Discovery is LoudCrowd's way of lending a helping hand if you need additional help growing your program. With Discovery, we send you a list of your ideal Creators from what you provide you're looking for to your Client Strategist. From that list, you decide who you want to send invites to in the form of DM or Email. Please note that this is an additional service and may tack on an additional fee to your contract. Reach out to your dedicated Client Strategist for more info on what this service may look like for you.

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