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Running Sales Challenges
Running Sales Challenges
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Running Sales Challenges is a great way to activate your Creators. Whether they've been in the Creator space for some time or are just starting out, these challenges help to guide your Creators on making sales.

It's best practice to have your Creator's discount equal to what you offer on your site. Even better to let them have a leg up and feeling of exclusivity for a customer shopping through a Creator (i.e. Sitewide sale at 10%, but Creators offer 15%).

Revolving sales challenges around your marketing calendar is a great way to keep these Creators top of mind and leveraging them consistently.

Types of Sales Challenges

  • Whoever sells the most in revenue during a time period wins X

  • Whoever has most orders placed thru storefront / code during time period wins X

  • Whoever brings in the most new customers

  • Whoever mentions their storefront link the most in Stories in X time

  • Challenge with specific product and linking to that specific product

  • Flash challenge - whoever has 36 products picked on their page by EOD is entered to win

Prize Ideas

  • Commission / cash prize / free product

  • Philanthropic donations

  • Brand features your storefront link on social, emails, etc.

Be sure to brainstorm more with your dedicated Client Strategist as these are simply some preliminary ideas.

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