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Updating DNS Records in Klaviyo
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You're beginning your Onboarding Process with your Client Strategist and they've recently set up a Klaviyo account for you and you have to update your DNS Records. Follow these steps to update your DNS Records:

  1. Click on your company name in the bottom left corner of your account

  2. Select Settings

  3. Choose Email > Domains from the main tab

4. Select Add

5. Input your root domain (ex.

6. Specify an arbitrary and unused subdomain (i.e. one that you don not currently have in use elsewhere in your marketing) under Sending domain (ex. "send").

7. Select your desired Routing method

8. Click Next

9. Select your brand's DNS provider and login to your account

10. Once you've logged into your DNS provider and navigated to the relevant page, select Next

11. Hover over and click the text to copy the generated DNS records to your clipboard

If you have any additional questions, read Klaviyo's article here, or reach out to your Dedicated Client Strategist at [email protected].

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