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With LoudCrowd's Affiliate Reporting filters, you can log in to the platform to track affiliate performance and manage commissions. Read below for more details on how our filters work, and where to find the information you need for all your reporting needs!

Affiliate Activity Folder: This folder stores all commissions, referred sales, and order data filters. To get here, navigate to the program--> members tab--> add filter--> Affiliate Activity:

  • Pay Date & Period: This is used to track what commissions you can expect to pay out on an upcoming date and what you have paid out or owe.

  • Referred Orders: These are orders placed by a customer attributed to the affiliate. Filter to meet specific criteria.

  • Commissions Earned: This refers to the total number of commissions earned. We only report commissions once an order has been approved for attribution. We do not report commissions on orders before they have passed the wait time.

  • Referred Sales Revenue: Orders placed via the affiliate link or code.

  • Link Views: Refers to views of a page an affiliate link pointed to ie. storefront, an affiliate link

    • We do not calculate views for affiliate codes, just affiliate links

  • Conversion rate: This applies only to affiliate links, not codes. This is calculated using Link views and link orders.

  • Order Status:

    • Awaiting Approval: an order has been placed with the code/link.

    • Approved: an order has been auto-approved as attributable to the affiliate and we expect to pay this person commissions

    • Commissions Status: Earned, Upcoming, Owed


  • Do affiliates/ambassadors have visibility into these numbers?

    • Yes! When logged into the Ambassador hub, each individual can view recent sales status and commission stats.

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