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How to navigate your Storefronts Program

A deep dive into your program dashboard and identify some key metrics to impress your stakeholders.

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You’ve launched your Ambassador Storefronts Program… Now What?

Congrats! You’ve launched your Ambassador Storefronts Program. You’re well on your way to seeing an increase in sales and building a sense of community. Get ready to see boosts in revenue and UGC! So what numbers should you care about now?

First of all, how do I see my program in LoudCrowd?

Easy! Navigate to the Programs tab and you’ll see a list of all of your LoudCrowd programs. You can click into any one of them to explore more.

Revenue Dashboard

Once you open your program, the first thing you'll see is your Revenue Dashboard. This is where you can collect your revenue & social attributions data for your Ambassador Storefronts. Data you can collect include Revenue, Commissions, ROAS, Impressions, Page Visits, Orders, and Conversion Rate.

For more information on your revenue dashboard, click here.

UGC Dashboard

Under the UGC Dashboard tab, you will find a snapshot of your programs' UGC performance. Here's where you can find the total number of social posts (Instagram, TikTok), overall impressions, engagement rate, and earned media value. For more information on these metrics, click here.

You will also find your Program Member Spend data here, which includes overall member spend, orders placed, and purchasing members from your Storefronts Program.

Number of Members

It’s simple: more members = more sales. To see the number of members in your program, navigate to the Programs tab and click on the program of interest. Then click on the Members tab to view all of your members.

Rewards Activity

In this tab, you're able to track all of the rewards that have been sent out to your program members. This can include emails notifying them of their storefront link being ready, every sale they've made, when their commissions are delivered, and more.

Applicants Tab (if applicable)

This is where you can approve and reject creators into your Ambassador Storefront Program. Approving them into your program will make them an official program member, and generate their unique storefront URL.

Programs Settings

The technical set up of your Storefronts Program will be found here. If you need to change your attribution window, attribution type, or commission percentage, this is where you can do so.

You're also able to swap around your product picker collections at any time under your program settings. To add new collections, simply click the +Add Collection button and select as many collections from your store as you'd like. To remove a collection, click the trash can button on the right hand side. To put your collections in a specific order, drag the collections up and down by using the black dots to the left. Reminder - your program members will then choose products to feature on their storefronts based on which collections you've inputed.

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