How to generate reward codes with BulkBunny on Shopify

Effortlessly generate unique discount codes in Shopify using the BulkBunny app in Shopify.

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What is the BulkBunny app in Shopify?

This app in Shopify gives you the ability to generate multiple sets of unique, one-time use discount codes, which you can use for your Program rewards or spot gifting in LoudCrowd.

Where can I find the app in Shopify?

You can download the app here. Once the app is is downloaded, log into your Shopify account. Navigate to your Apps, then select BulkBunny.

How do I use BulkBunny?

  1. Click on the Create Code Batch tab towards the top of your screen

  2. Fill in all of the fields below:

    1. Title / Name of your discount code set

    2. Discount - select one of your already created discounts

      1. You will need to create your discount first, in the Discounts tab in Shopify in order to move forward.

    3. Click the Generate Random Codes

    4. Type in the number of codes you'd like to generate

    5. Create a pattern (ex. AMB, AMBASSADORS -, etc.) if you wish to include that in your uniquely generated codes

    6. Click the green Generate Codes button

How do I export the discount codes after generating them?

  1. Navigate to the BulkBunny Dashboard

  2. Hover over the discount code batch

  3. Click Export Codes


  • Generate 500 unique codes for your 20% discount reward for your Social Rewards Program.

  • Generate 200 unique codes for a $50 site credit to use for spot gifting high quality content.


  • Can I add more codes to the batch after the batch has been created?

    • Yes! Go to the Dashboard -> hover over your discount code batch -> select +Add Codes.

  • Can I limit the amount of times a code can be used or any other specific code criteria?

    • Yes! When you generate the base discount in the Shopify Discounts tab, you can determine how many times the code can be used total, who can redeem the code (ex. all customers, segment of customers), and more.

Now that your codes are generated, follow refer to these steps on how to create and manage your rewards in LoudCrowd and how to use LoudCrowd for social gifting.

Still, need help getting set up?

Reach out to [email protected] and our Customer Success team will be happy to assist you!

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