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12 Days of LoudCrowd: Day 10 - Challenge Ideas
12 Days of LoudCrowd: Day 10 - Challenge Ideas

5 Challenges to try in the new year

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Some of your program members may need a little extra push to get started creating content. Try running challenges within your program to give folks some post inspo! Here's 5 challenges to try in 2023.

  1. New Year - Means new commitments to good habits. Challenge your customers to demonstrate how they're using your product to contribute to being their best selves.

  2. Collaboration - Making content is more fun with friends. So why not offer a 2 for 1 discount for your program member posting and tagging content with a friend.

  3. Brand Milestones - Every win for your company is worth celebrating. Optimize your audience by getting your customers excited about the countdown until your accomplishments (e.g. anniversaries, events, etc).

  4. Sporadic giveaways - Giveaways are a great way to not only surprise your audience, but fill gaps in your social/marketing calendar.

  5. New Product - Challenge your favorite program members for a chance to win exclusive access to new/unreleased product.

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